Why are Sewer Line Excavations needed?

Sewer line excavation is not a basic leaky faucet repair. It requires the right equipment, tools, and knowledge, so look no further than 718 Sewer and Drain to service your area. Our plumbing contractors are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to excavate under city sidewalks and streets near your property. If your property is not up to code, however, we thoroughly inspect your sewer and drain line to determine the cause of your plumbing issues. We will obtain the required DOT and DEP permits to connect you to city water lines. We comply with all New York City regulations and provide fast, quality plumbing excavation services.

Our Services

At 718 Sewer and Drain, our skilled plumbers conduct full range sewer line excavation services including, sewer line repair, replacement, sewer line cleaning, and pipe restoration. If you need underground plumbing utilities installed or connected, we will skillfully dig up the proper area. For example, performing digging without verifying the sewer line locations may cause a water utility cut-off, severe injury, or expensive damages. When our plumbers consider an excavation they need to determine the cause of the sewer problem. For instance, common issues involve cracked and separated pipes filled with tree roots, a back-pitched (clogged) sewer line, or old clay pipes in need of replacing. We will determine the exact location of the problem.

Calling sewer line excavation contractors experienced in multiple plumbing and sewer services will save you money, time, and headaches. We may discover different issues during our inspections, but our expert team will handle any that arise. Therefore, we use suitable equipment to address the most challenging sewer, drain, and water-main problems.

Our sewer contractors at 718 Sewer and Drain are available 24/7 for all your sewer maintenance and plumbing emergency needs. We serve Queen, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Nassau county.